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How To Reverse Airtime Bought From MTN Momo

Mistakes are always bound to happen to us but hey, you have to always be vigilant when dealing with money especially electronically.

At the comfort of your homes, you can easily pay bills, send money and receive money nationwide through the fast growing networks mobile money system thus MTN.

Here are some simple mistakes momo users always make every day and night while using momo.
1. Sending money to wrong people

2. Top Up With Huge Money From Account

3. Buying data with wrong figures.

It’s now simple to reverse your airtime bought from MTN Momo within 72hrs ranging from 10ghc and this will also reverse the bonus given.

Just pick up your phone and follow these simple process:
1. Dial *170#
2. Choose “My Wallet” Option 6 from the list.
3. Select Option 6 (Airtime Reversal)
4 . Select the next option that requires the airtime reversal
NB: The option 4 will be avaialble if you have a momo airtine available for reversal.
Follow this cool process to get it done

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