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Michael Susan And Dell Foundation Donates $100 Million To Help Fight COVID 19

Many initiatives has donated materials and money to help fight Covid 19.
Both the media and cellebrities, companies and other corporate bodies.

Intel has recently donated $6 million for corona virus relief efforts. This has helped a lot in combating the spread of corona virus.

Apple CEO has also donated 10 million N95 mask to health workers around the glob.

Facebook gave $1000 to it’s workers to help them amid the corona virus pandemic.

However, dell has also joined the race to combat corona virus by donating $100 million to help initiate projects that will help to stop the spread of the virus.

This huge amount of $100 million was taken from the Micheal and Susan Dell foundation to help initiate projects.

“Susan and I are further committing to the global support of COVID-19-related initiatives through the Dell Foundation so more people get the help and support they need during this difficult time.” says the CEO of Dell.

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