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Save WhatsApp Messages on Your Phone Without a Screenshot – Steps

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services launched by two PayPal employees. The project was quite a success and was later sold to the instant messaging platform Facebook.    I wouldn’t be surprised if you and your family use WhatsApp.


As of February 2020, WhatsApp had overthrown Facebook with two billion users. During which Facebook had 1.7 billion users at that time.

We tend to send lots of messages to our friends and families on WhatsApp. Sometimes you just need to save a copy of that message for future reference. Taking a screenshot of the message with your phone can do exactly that. But sometimes taking a screenshot can be quite tricky. Today we are going to look at how to save a message in WhatsApp directly without having to take a screenshot.

Open WhatsApp

The first thing you would want to do is to locate WhatsApp. If you frequently use WhatsApp it would probably be on your home screen. Just tap on it to open the application.

Locate and select the message you want to save

If you are a very chatty person you probably would have a lot of messages sent or received. Just locate the name of the person whose message you would like to save from your chat list. If you are struggling to find your message just type the beginning of the message in the search bar or type the name of the person who sends the message to find it. Once you find the message just hold on it to select it.

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Press the star icon to save it

This is where the magic occurs after selecting your message, you will notice a new menu pops up at the top of the title bar. Just select the icon which looks like a star to save your message. If you want to check if indeed your message was really saved just select the message again and this time around the star would be canceled. You can also tap on the canceled star to unsave your message or remove it from your save list.

View your save message

Now that your message has been successfully saved how do you access it for future references? Just select the three dots at the top of your WhatsApp menu. From the drop-down menu select Starred messages. Boom! You should be taken to a list of all saved messages arranged in order of the date you save them.

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