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A Girl Broke My Heart,So I’m Dating Two Guys Now – Eazzy

Eazzy has left fans puzzled with a shocking confession about her relationship life.

The Ghanaian singer during an exclusive interview with has stated that she is single and overly protective of herself because the issues she has had in her previous relationships life. “My heart was shared and broken into pieces, so I am holding a thread and needle trying to sew it together”.

Talking about what her heart apart, the “Obaa Gbemi” singer said “some girl b, let me leave it just like that but yeah some girl broke my heart,” however, upon further probe she added that “ I loved her and I thought she loved me but she turned out to not be very genuine”.

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She continued that “I have tried single guys and I have tried a girl. Now I am just going with two guys maybe that will work”. Eazzy’s comments have since raised eyes brows about her sexual orientation after an excerpt of the interview was shared on social media.


Reacting to her statement which has gathered over 100 comments , an Instagram user wrote “Some people in these comments really need some education. She’s Not A Lesbian!!” and another said “she is talking in parables. A very sensible girl” with @ betabargains_gh adding that “If you’re confused, she means she’s a lesbian and her girlfriend shattered her heart”.

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Watch the full the interview below and may be you may be able to work the Eazzy puzzle out.



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