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Avoid Being Blocked On Instagram – Follow These Steps

Instagram is one of the most entertaining social media platforms across the globe. It enables it’s users to share photos and videos on their timeline and business to showcase their products as well.

Building an engaging  loyal following on Instagram recent times has been a great issue amongst some individuals and they try to use smart ways to earn huge following on Instagram within some few days which goes against Instagram policies.


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People use apps, bots and other illegal methods to gain followers which do not comply with Instagram policies and they end up been restricted from certain activities on Instagram such as commenting, liking, following and even posting with captions.

At the end of this article, you will be able identify some key reasons why Instagram blocks you often.



Using Apps To Gain Followers

Most of these apps that enables you to gain followers on Instagram usually demand your login details before proving you the amount of followers you need and that is mostly found on sites that tells you to do so for free.

People do buy followers through legal means and it complies with Instagram’s policy.

Using such apps for free followers is strictly not allowed by Instagram so they block your activities sometimes for one week before your account will be unrestricted.


Mass Following/Liking

 Some people do follow about 12-18 people at a time and they repeat this action within 30 minute and it is another reason for Instagram blocking your account.

Liking almost every post you see on your timeline is another factor that can lead to your account being restricted. Instagram assumes your account to be a robot that performs a given task within few minutes. So just be mindful of how you follow, unfollow or like posts many times within some minutes.

Here some few reasons why Instagram restricts certain activities on your account for sometimes a week.


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