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The Impact Of World Remit On Some Ghanaians

World Remit being a popular money transfer web portal for rate exchange and affiliate marketing has been affecting some individuals positively and negatively.

Some peeps still don’t get the whole idea about the use of World Remit in this our part of west Africa.

Affiliate marketers and individuals who have families abroad do enjoy this service peacefully.

On the other side, some affiliate marketers also use different ways to get world Remit-ignorant people to drain money from them.

Many cases have seen and been reported about getting about 5x the money you send to these marketer’s who claim they use these money for credit card services.

Ignorance on the part of some individuals may result from this but also the affiliates are also using public figures to doom people.

World Remit again has done bad than good in our side as Ghanaians- A Victim.

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